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the nsa programs would have happened. gate, president obama announced a series of reforms for the controversy all nsa surveillance program. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> including a civil liberties officer at the nsa, a high-level commission to review the intelligence program, and coordination with congress to review the program that collects telephone records. >> it is not enough for me as president to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence in them as well. >> the president insisted the changes would have taken place even if edward stone in -- even if edward snowden did not leak the nsa programs. >> i think we would have gotten to the same place. >> but do the surveillance reforms vindicate snowden? he has been charged with three felonies, it and if you think c is innocent, the president said he should return to the u.s. and stand trial. >> there were other avenues available for somebody's tensions were stirred and thought they needed to question government actions. week, the white house said edward snowden was a factor
a scheduled meeting with russian president vladimir putin following his countries granting nsa leaker edward snowden temporary asylum. mr. obama said a paul's was needed. as for snowden? >> i don't think he was a patriot. if he in fact leaves what he did is right, then like every american citizen, he can appear before the court with a lawyer and make his case. a the president announced four-point plan for addressing concerns about the nsa surveillance program, including an outside panel to look at the situation and report act by the end of the year. he said it is not enough for him to have confidence in the system. the mayor can people must have it, too. guys question ma? >> the nsa leaks have led to surveillance changes in germany. say they willers automatically encrypt customers e-mails. budget telecom ceo said that germans are startled by the information. it is not clear if the german security services would have a key to decrypt e-mails. >> shortly before president obama's news conference about the nsa, he signed legislation into law to temporarily reduce rates on government student loan
the victims. nsa leaker,er of edward snowden. and new developments with that mayor of san diego. he is >> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> searches have recovered the bodies of a plane that crashed in connecticut. two of the victims have been identified. it is a father and his son, maxwell. were childrenims inside the homes. they will be identified later today. they were heading to new haven when they crashed. the cause is under investigation. >> the manhunt for a murder suspect and a teenage girl he has adopted has shifted -- abducted has shifted to idaho. they are hoping to find a 16- year-old hannah anderson and james dimaggio. thepoke to a friend of teenage girl. you were my age, i would get you. that is what he said. car was found. he is suspected of killing hannah's eight-year-old brother and her mother. that home was set on fire. kerthe father of nsa lea hopes to be able to visit his son as soon as next week. owden says he has been unable to speak to his son since he leaked documents. he also wants his son to make sure he understands his legal standing in the u.s.
u.s. officials that tlebl that the nsa surveillance programs helped track this emerging threat. the president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. and had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. take a look. >> mr. snowden's been charged with three felonies. if he believes what he did was right, then like every american citizen, he can come here, appear before the court with a lawyer, and make his case. >> so, what have you been able to learn about what u.s. officials are trying to do to get snowden right now? >> some officials i've talked to wish that a deal could be struck to bring him back to the u.s. make no mistake. one official said he has done irrefutable damage. the more the terrorists know how we can monitor them, the less we will be able to. that's the single most important asset we have. some officials say we don't know all of what he has, we don't want him in the hands of the russians. whatever message it would send, he's gotten the president of the united states to make some changes. but the justice department has gi
of dodge. what i think is funny is for all of this talk about a sophisticated dragnet with the nsa, the reason we got this is beuse al qaeda held a conference call. [laughter] please press mute. >> you have to be listening to get it, collecting information. >> i agree, a lot of it has been driven by not needing another benghazi on their hands and also the president pulled back, saying we do not want to be perpetually at war. we will be perpetually at war. >> charlesentioned in sa. -- the nsa. now that vladimir putin has granted asylum, the president says we will not have a meeting. what is your take? >> this is a collapse of the reset. obama came into office saying that relations with h russia had under thed to drift. bush administration -- and find that it was our fault. he was going to warm them up.he caved on missile defense in europe. he thought hwould get cooperation on iraq, syria, arms control, and he has been stymied and humiliated every time. this was the final straw. it was a gratuitous poke in the eye, and he finally had to show some gumption in canceling that. he is sti
some time. >>> tonight, the father of nsa leaker edward snowden is speaking out, saying his son is not a traitor. and though snowden's father says he believes in the american justice system, he does not think his son would get a fair trial if he returns from russia. abc's susan saulny in washington tonight. >> as a father, i want my son to come home. >> reporter: today, in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, lon snowden, father of fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden, said plans have been made to reunite in russia. >> you're going to moscow? >> reporter: bruce fein is the family's lawyer and says it will happen very soon. >> we have visas, we have a date which we won't disclose because of the frenzy. >> reporter: the purpose of trip -- to come up with a criminal defense against charges of espionage. >> what i would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the american people to have all the facts. >> reporter: but the elder snowden is not convinced his son could get a fair trial. >> when you consider many of the statements made by our leaders, they have
classified information to wikileaks. he leaked that material to expose wrongdoing. >> the father of nsa leaker edward snowden told abc he'll soon visit his son after getting a travel visa from moscow. >> at this point when you consider many of the statements made by leaders, leaders in congress, they're absolutely irresponsible and inconsistent with our system of justice. >> snowden said the u.s. poisoned the well against his son and it's unlike he'll ever get a fair trial on espionage charges. >> a temporary feeling of safety overseas as the number of u.s. embassies and consulates closed because of a terrorist threat have now reopened. the u.s. closed 19 of its embassied last week. while many of them now back open, the embassy in yemen will remain closed because of continuing concerns about potential terrorist attacks by al qaeda. the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan, is also still closed. it was shut down last week due to a separate threat. >> 4:48 and trains will be running again in san francisco this morning. a judge brought the planned strike by the two unions for the bay area ra
, washington. >>> the father of nsa leaker edwae edward snowden is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, lon snowden says he wants his son to come home, but he's unfair that his son could get a fair trial. >> where myy son chooses to liv the rest of his life will will be his decision. i would like, at some point in time, for him to be able to come back in the u.s. whether he'll live the rest of his life here or not and face this. because i believe that the truth will shine through. >> lon snowden and his attorneys have secured visas to visit edward snowden. they didn't say when they'll go. >>> a 2-year-old rhode island boy was found wandering around a housing project hours after his mother and another woman were murdered. isaiah perez was the subject of an amber alert. >>> a father, apparently suffering from depression killed his 9-year-old son and then turned the gun on himself. he was have b a supervised visit with the boy. he sent an e-mail before the visit suggests he was suicidal. >>> two homes damaged in a deadly plane crash are expected to be demolishes
president putin. it was to be next month. he did it right after russia gave nsa leaker asylum and tonight two of the most powerful leaders on the planet are shadow boxing as the world watches. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the last time these two got together the body language spoke louder than their words, sometimes grimacing, never geeing on much of anything. now a new low, not just for putin and obama, but for russia and the u.s. for the first time since the cold war, a u.s. president is cancelling a publicly announced meeting in russia. it's not just putin's decision to grant asylum to fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden. he has also defied the u.s. by selling heavy weapons to the syrian government as its accused of slaughtering its own people. the president vented about it last night with jay leno. >> there have been times where they slipped back into cold war thinking and a coal war mentality. what i say to president putin is, that's the past. >> putin seems to be like one of those old school kgb guys. >> he headed up the kgb. >> reporter: today in a speech, the president allude
america this week amid concerns by u.s. allies about nsa's surveillance programs. kerry arrived in colombia and after meeting in bogota will travel to brazil. leaders in both countries complained about what they see as spying by military ally. >> the redskins get back to work this week after getting a pretty long weekend off. >> that's right, the bad weather kept them off the field saturday and sunday was already a scheduled day off. head coach said quarterback robert griffin iii's recovery process is right on track but don't expect him to see behind center on 1111 drills just yet. the next preseason game a week from tonight gets the steelers. >> 71 degrees, 6:36 your time and still ahead on "good morning, washington" a newly renovated and busy marc station opens >> good morning to you as well and we here at abc7, we want to honor young heros in the area. we're giving away $1,000 grants to children who are passionate about improving their communities. to be eligible you have to be between the ages of 5-18. go to to apply. the deadline is september 1st. scott
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belongings from the homes yesterday as mourners extended a make shift memorial. >> the father of nsa leaker, edward snowden speaking out for the first time since his son gave up surveillance programs. in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos yesterday, lon snowden wants his son edward to come home but is unsure edward could get a fair trial in the u.s. courts because he said politicians have poisoned the well of perspective jurors. >> where my son chooses to live the rest of his life is going to be his decision. what i would like at some point in time for him to be able to come back to the u.s. whether he will live the rest of his life here or not. face this. and i believe the truth will shine through. >> snowden and attorneys have secured visas to travel to russia to meet with edward snowden. they didn't say exactly when for security reasons. neither has spoken directly to edward snowden since he fled the u.s. >> it is back to business this morning morning for many of the two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates shuttered by tear railroad alert last week. mostly across the
and the case of nsa leaker, edward snowden. kerry will pass along details to president obama this afternoon. >> military officials in yemen say u.s. drone strikes killed 12 suspected al qaeda operatives yesterday. alleged militants died in three attacks. yemen on high alert after revealing an al qaeda plot. >> nonessential american personnel have been evacuated from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the state department says the evacuation was carried out because of a specific threat to the consulate. it is now closed for the holiday from now until sunday. evacuation was announced the same day as the government warned all americans not to travel to pakistan. >> an expanneding manhunt across the western u.s. portion of the country right now for a kidnapping suspect who is also accused of murder. james lee dimaggio, suspected of abducting hannah anderson after setting his southern california house on fire with the girl's mother and likely her brother inside. an amber alert for anderson is now in effect in california, oregon, washington, and nevada. police say the 40-year-old dimaggio may be arm
after a one day visit to columbia. like he did, kerry will attempt to ease concerns act nsa surveillance programs. kerry will also discuss education, energy, and the billions of dollars in trade between the u.s. and brazil. >> president obama formerly orders the director of national intelligence to set up a outside review board to analyze the government's surveillance techniques. now the president also ordered him to have the board report its findings no later than december 15th. president announced the boards creation at a knew conference last week. >> it is 6:37, and 75 degrees outside. still ahead here, we have incredible video of a gas line exploding. >> also, ahead, solving the mystery after a priest seemed to come from nowhere to pray at a missouri crash scene, and then just hi. in frederiksberg virginia. >> we have gather as few of our friends to say. >> "good morning washington." >> yeah! good morning to you as well. we here, we want to honor some of the young heros in our area. >> we are giving away $1,000 grants to children who are passionate about improving their communities.
's george stephanopoulos, lon snowden, the father of fuj fif nsa leaker ed ward snowden. the family lawyer says it will happen very soon. >> we have visas. we have a date which we won't disclose right now. >> reporter: the purpose of the trip to come up with the criminal defense against charges of espionage. >> what i would like is for this to be vetted and open court for the american people to have all of the facts. >> reporter: the elder snowden is not convinced his son could get a fair trial. >> when you kid many of the statements made by our leaders they have poisoned the well so to speak in terms of a potential jury pool. >> reporter: just friday, president obama had this to say. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. there were other avenues available. >> reporter: mr. obama outlined new measures to reform the programs snowden revealed saying he would have done it anyway. >> i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. >> this weekend, julian assange took issue with the administration saying reforms are being made therefore e
as an analogy for the nsa's spying program. how americans should trust but verify. >> if i tell michelle that i did the dishes, now, granted, in the white house i don't do the dishes that much. but back in the day. and she's a little skeptical. i'd like her to trust me. but maybe i need to bring her back and show her the dishes. >> reporter: president obama came into the east room of the white house to talk about america's surveillance system. but he also came armed with a set of awkward anecdotes and mixed metaphors. it was a presidential play-by-play, off-the-cuff remarks, in real-time. and he didn't take it easy, even on himself. >> there's going to be glitches. no doubt about it. that's true, by the way, of a car company rolling out a new car. it's true of apple rolling out the new ipad. >> reporter: before the hour was up, he even asked a question of his own, to a "wall street journal" reporter, on the birth of her son. >> and, carol, congratulations on hudson. do you have pictures? >> reporter: now, there were serious moments, too. the ongoing terror threat, that frigid relationship with
. clinton will travel to philadelphia, to take on another hot-button topic. to take on security, nsa programs and privacy. just as she was speaking before the a.b.a., disgraced mayoral candidate, anthony weiner, the last person clinton wanted comments on her campaign, processed to have inside information on hillary clinton 2016. at least as it relates to huma abedin, one of her closest advisers. >> do you know what her role in hillary clinton's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. i'm not telling you. >> do you feel you damaged her place in that world? >> yeah. >> reporter: that was a blunder. hillary clinton has not yet made it official she is running for president. in a recent poll, anthony weiner broke a new record in new york. although, it's not the kind of record he would like to break. he became the most unpopular political figure on record in the state of new york. an unfavorability rating of 80%. >> hard to beat. thanks very much. >>> we turn to the incredible video of the moment a luxury resort was swallowed up by a sinkhole. it happened near orlando, florida. and dozens of frigh
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